Glow Conference (Sharing Success and Making Connections)

23 04 2008

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I have spent the last two days at the Stirling Manangement Centre for the Glow conference on Sharing Success and Making Connections for Glow mentors.  It was really productive to be able to get plenty of time with people from other local authorities to discuss what we had done so far and where we wanted to go in the short and long term with Glow.

I had been asked to present to others and this involved doing a presentation 3 times yesterday, including being filmed once.  That was pretty nerve wracking – I would never make a news reader or presenter!  Just as well I wore my hair down so I could cover my face a bit!

The only disadvantage of this was that I could not hear the other presentations made at the same time to other groups and that would have been a useful insight into what others were doing.  It was great to be with a group of people who were all positive about using Glow in the classroom and wanted it to change their teaching practice.  I am desperate to get going with Glow meet and now that we have a webcam and a few others on their way I will get into this, after Parents evenings and the Head Teachers conference next week that is!

I decided I wanted to lead a cross-authority glow group on Malawi which could be started before we go and obviously continue and grow next session.  Glow was one of the things I said in my presentation to Link and in the first training weekend that I wanted to be use and expand in relation to my trip and global citizenship in general and this is just going to be a fabulous way to do this not just within my cluster but across Scotland.  I am really excited about this and hope it works as I well as I am imagining it in my head.  I am really looking forward to talking about this at the next training weekend as nobody else going is using Glow yet so I will be doing something unique for Link and it is something they are really keen to take forward and get involved in.  They will then obviously have lots of contacts that I might be able to make use of and they have a collection of resources.

I think I might be sounding a bit like a big kid about this – I can never bear to read over my posts before publishing them as I think it is cringe worthy so that is why there are probably mistakes in every one.  Check out the animoto below for the advert that my group made to advertise Glow.

Animoto from Glow conference

23 04 2008

Click below to see some of the work we have been doing at the Glow (Sharing Success and Making Connections) conference I am at just now.

Glow pushing me on!

28 03 2008

Our acting head informed me yesterday that she had had a phonecall from one of the people involved with GLOW in SLC asking if I would be avaialble to go to the Stirling Management Centre in April to represent SLC at an early adopters conference about GLOW.  It involves an overnight stay and they will pay for cover for the class.  What was the first thing I did?  Googled the Stirling Management Centre of course and I think I will manage to stay the night there okay!  It will be great to hear what other people in other authorities are doing and hopefully make some links with other schools.

That was not all though.  There was another request that was a bit more scary – could I speak at the Headteachers conference at the end of April about how I have used GLOW in the classroom so far.  That will be terrifying – although probably more so for the 3 chldren they want to speak to!  I am off to inform them shortly that I will be looking for very confident volunteers!

These things are all great for my professional development – I said in my application form for the global teachers programme that I was extremely shy as a youngster and I still feel shy, unconfident and nervous with new people and new situations although I think I hide it a lot better now.  I would describe it as inner turmoil now!  I firmly believe I am a quite different person from how I was when I began teaching at Castlefield Primary.  Where are those PT jobs though to put it all to good use!

We have definately hit P.7itis though in the classroom.  Hopefully things will get better after the spring break as although the last term is probably usually the worst in primary 7 I think this long term might have been it this year.  I was hoping for a good lesson yesterday in writing.  I had planned to do a discursive piece of writing and use the examples of school uniform and the cost of football in this country.  I had done this successfully last year altogether as a class but I felt that did not challenge them enough last year so I wanted the end product yesterday to be their own rather than a class generated piece of writing mostly pulled together by me.  We spent a long time discussing it and looking at different examples and I really thought everyone had the idea.  We did the brainstorming in groups and went over it and everyone had the choice of plenty of ideas from that.  When it came to actually planning and writing it though they were pretty stumped and it ended up a really hard session.  They needed a lot of help and I felt I was having to spoon feed them.  I think there were negatives on both sides though – I went too far away from how we did it last year and did actually do any of the piece with them for their jotters and I think they were not listening and taking things in.  I need to be  more in the middle next time!