Boxes, boxes and more boxes

12 06 2008

I have been spending a lot of time this week doing what feels like manual labour because I have been packing up my classroom, particularly my cupboards just now.

For a couple of reasons I had not blogged about this until now but I am packing up because I am going on secondment for South Lanarkshire Council next session and hopefully the next year after that too.  This all came about a month ago when I got asked if I would like to do it. 

I was not sure about it at first as I thought I should be in class next session for all of the follow-up work I have to do with the Global Teachers programme.  However I spoke to the manager of the programme and she was quite happy for me to take and actually is quite excited now about the different direction I could take with my outcomes.  One of these I am hoping will be a global teachers glow group for all past and present teachers to be able to share their resources etc.

The chances are that I will not be back at Castlefield after that so I thought I had better take all of my stuff away, it is now at present piling up in my spare room!  My sister-in-law is starting the PGDE course in August so I do not want the stuff to go too far away but I am not sure where it is going to go.  I am also amazed at how much stuff I have accumulated in only 5 years of teaching!

I had at first assumed I would be doing ICT but actually it is going to be a bit of everything which I think will be really good experience for me, including ICT, Curriculum for Excellence, learning and teaching and a lot of leading inset and CPD courses as far as I can make out.  I am really looking forward to it now and excited about the challenges it will bring.  Also the thought that I do not have to set up a classroom after being away the majority of the summer is very appealing.  I still intend on going into Castlefield quite a lot to do Malawi and ICT/glow stuff, partly as I do feel as though I am abandoning ship a bit and am keen to keep up contact there!

This now also means I have been stupid enough to state on my running blog that I will run the Devil of the Highlands 43 mile race on the second half of the West Highland Way next August as I think I may be less tired than when I have a class.  I hope I am right!