First day out

16 02 2008

While I am being acting principal teacher I am only in class until 10.45am on a Friday and I could get used to that!  Mrs Bromley, who is in p.2 the rest of the week and will take mine on a Friday, came in with me until then to get used to the class and see what we are doing for our rich task.  As it is not that long since I was a student and did my probationary year I am used to having other teachers in the class with me and it doesn’t bother me.  In fact I am quite happy with any extra help!

The pupils worked in their pairs to plan their story and have now started writing it as a first draft.  A good thing about having someone else in the room is I try to do things properly and I remembered to do a plenary, which is something I forget to make time for.

We talked about how well they had worked together, or not in a couple of cases, and they had done really well today, in fact they left me open mouthed with their good behaviour this morning and I made sure I went on about how I was pleased I was with them.

I got to be ‘het’ from interval until lunchtime as the head and deputy were away which was exciting, although of course uneventful.  I did worry slightly that the fire alarm or something like that would go off!

I took the whole school for a hymn practice and I have to say I prefer taking ‘Star of the Week’, especially as the songs were quite high.  I had to tell p.2 to be quiet and some of them spent the rest of the time staring at me, seeming terrified!

I spent some time working on podium in the afternoon and got a great recording of some of the p.5 girls saying their Burns poems.  I am not sure how I am going to publish it though as you had to put in a password which I don’t have.  I seem to remember when I did the training there was a bit of an issue with it, depending on the computers you had or something so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.  I saved it on my flash drive and am going to see if I can still put it on the school website.

It is taking me twice as long as usual to write this entry as for once I have control of iTunes and I flick over and chose a different tune every time one finishes! My other half is on one of his crazy training runs for the 95 mile long in under 35 hours West Highland Race in June (or in his case hopefully under 23 hours) and I can be on the computer as long as I want without being pestered that its his turn!  My turn tomorrow, although its only a long run for a marathon!