Teaching Thinking

7 01 2009

I have just started a series of lessons with a primary 5 class (not in my own school) to pilot the first few lessons from the ‘Lets Think through Literacy’ pack.  I was quite nervous before I went as it was in a different school, I feel I have not taught anything (except for Glow) for ages and the teacher would be staying in with me.  In fact it turned out to be the deputy head! 

It was fine though, although there was not as much discussion as I would have liked but I think this was partly because the class did not know me and it was so different for them and that I think p.5 were really at the bottom end of it being appropriate for them.  They found it quite difficult, although I have not looked at their answers to the question yet on what they found easiest and what was most difficult.

New Job

22 09 2008

Now I can finally write about my new job!  I am on secondment with South Lanarkshire Council as a Development Officer.  I am working on Glow and more specifically we hope to focus on how to help teachers to use Glow to support learning and teaching.  Other parts of my remit include the Curriculum for Excellence area of literacy and I am doing a lot of International Development as well, plus looking at gender.  So quite a few things on my remit! 

I am really enjoying it so far and am getting the chance to do a lot of different things.  One new challenge for me will be working with secondary schools on International Development as I have set up talks/questions and answer sessions/workshop afternoons with several schools, working with first to fifth year.  I can’t believe I was worried about going on secondment in terms of not being able to do my follow up work for LINK as this has actually led me, even in this short time, to have far more opportunity to disseminate information to pupils across the council than I would have had if I was in class.

I have only ever looked after kids, worked in pubs or restaurants or taught so it is a novel experience for me to be working in an office.  It’s great to have a change!