Active learning open area afternoons

6 02 2008

We do not do our rich task on Tuedays as we have maths, a football specialist and we were starting our active learning on science in the open area this afternoon.  This works like the infants doing structured play in the open areas in the afternoons.  Last term we did ours on Kidnappit, our Scots book study.  This term we are doing it on Transfer and Conversion of Energy from our Science programme.

It was quite hard to change this into six sessions that the children would do one of each week as if they did not follow the progressive order of the lessons they would have less knowledge for some of the sessions.  I have therefore given written back up or something similar to some of the groups for the first couple of sessions.

The first session always seemed the most rushed as you have to explain each group’s work – once you have done that once I feel you can concentrate on bits the next weeks that need clarified.  This did not leave as much time as I would have liked for the actual activity.

Station 1 is researching non-renewable forms of energy using our non-fiction library and taking notes to report back to the class.  I gave them some books I knew to be helpful and encouraged them to find others too.

Station 2 is researching renewable forms of energy using the internet and making a leaflet.  I gave them some websites I knew to be helpful and encouraged them to find their own too.

Station 3 is discussing all of these forms of energy using the discussion room on GLOW, then looking at a concept cartoon on the computer and again discussing that on GLOW.

Station 4 is an investigation into the power of sails on a windmill.

Station 5 is an investigation into the colours that work best in solar panels.

Station 6 is discussing and reading about global warming and doing a group activity to pinpoint the best ways to save energy.

I have two support assistants with me on Tuesday afternoons for this and they are taking on the investigations and I try to just float around and help and assess pupils where I can.  This I always find very difficult to fit as I seem to spend most of the time making sure the other groups are on task and can complete the task.

They listened very well to their instructions as I was maybe going to let them pick their own groups this time.  I let them have some element of choice and as I suspected for most groups this worked very well.  Even one of my groups of 5 boys worked very hard at station 2.  One group however did not work well at all and basically did not complete any part of the task and this was with a support assistant so I will need to think about what to do with them next week.

I feel it went okay but that for the amount of preparation I put in I did not get the return I would have liked.  I think though this was party due to it being the first week and so they had less time at the stations and partly because they did not take the time to read all of my instructions and help notes.

The group on GLOW were slower than I expected and this was partly due to them being unable to put up some of their posts, I need to check this out and see whether they were putting in too many words.