Better day

31 03 2008

I was almost dreading going in today, after a hard week last week I thought this week would be even worse as we led up to the holiday but it has been okay.  3 people are off today though so that might have made a bit of a difference!

We have recently started using Literacy World and the fiction stories we have been reading are really good.  They do not appear to be that hard but there are plenty of words in there that the children do not know and the stories have some interesting morals etc for them to think about.  The ‘Alf the Spycatcher’ one in ‘Under the Bombers Moon’ I have found particularly good for this.

My best reading group are working towards level E and may well get it before they leave p.7 but there are some really obvious words (I think!)  in the stories that some of them did not know.  These included irritable, whirring, anti-climax, kiosk and prototype and that was just one story today.

On GLOW today the pupils practiced using the News part of their electricity glow group to find out their task for the ICT lesson – which was to find out some information from the internet, put it into a word document and then upload that document to the documents page in their glow group.  Unfortunately it took so long to get all of the laptops logged on and on the internet that we did not get finished the word document and will have to try and put it onto GLOW tomorrow.  They were quite excited about doing this though and it was good for them to have to practice reading the WALT and the instructions from the GLOW website.

My top maths group, who have passed level D, are having a real problem with reading the size of angles and with perimeter.  I certainly always thought finding the perimeter of a shape was one of the more straightforward aspects of maths but this group think the end of the world has come when they have to do this!