It’s me this time!

20 07 2008

This will be very short as am in the LINK office in Dedza, we do not have long and the connection is poor. Left the village yesterday to come back to Dedza and prepare for inset training for next week for all teachers in the zones. 

I was absolutely devestated to leave the village, especially of course the children, and just want to go back!  There have been a lot of tears since Thursday afternoon – when I watched standard 6 and 7 boys spend hours making me a mat out of bamboo as a gift and then Friday with leaving ceremony at school and gifts to my family and getting notes from them.  Then I was just a wreck when I left on Saturday.

I have had a completely positive experience, nothing that I thought would be a challenge was in the end, and I got really close to some of the the kids at the school.

Yes, though in terms of what will be sustainable when I leave I am not sure but we could only try our best. By the end of the time many of us were tetchy about the difference in attitudes of the teachers here, they were often late and often not in class leaving children who were desperate to learn with nothing to do.  If you had the training and commitment of scottish teachers and the willingness of Malawi children you could do great things. I have been left feeling very angry at the unfairness of the quality of education our children get and how little they appreciate it and how little quality education the Malawi children (and of course so many others) get.

I did implement new timetables, school rules, composite classes, got a new volunteer teacher, did training in maths, reading, active learning, AIFL, thinking skills, pe games and more and the children loved it but not sure how much will be carried on.  Hopefully the training we will do next week will also reinforce it.

Don’t know if I will be back on again, we are working solidly from now till next Sunday, but will put more on properly when I can.  Sorry, this has been a bit jumbled and probably strange but I just had to get some thoughts down quickly and I am also feeling very numb and upset just now about having left the kids!