When the War was Over, Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution, Elizabeth Becker, 1998

I have read quite a few books on Cambodia since travelling there in 2005, mostly autobiographies though.  This went into much more detail, including looking at the Khmer Rouge Revolution in relation to Vietnam and Western responses to both Vietnam and Cambodia.  Becker returned to Cambodia in the late 1970’s with 2 other journalists; one of whom a Scottish journalist, Malcolm Caldwell, who was murdered in Phnom Phem during that visit, compared the relationship between Cambodia and Vietnam to that of Scotland and England.  Specifically that Scotland and Cambodia are similar in always being worried about their neighbours invading them.  Very insightful book and made me go and look up Amazon for further books on Cambodia of which I highly recommend First They Killed My Father and Stay Alive, My Son.

How Long’s the Course, My autobiography, Roger Black, 1998

Interesting to read about him being coached by Frank Dick whom I heard at SLF 2009, in fact there were the same stories in the book that I heard at that keynote speech!  Otherwise interesting but it jumped about a bit too much for my liking and was just a little too long ago for me to know a lot of the people he was talking about.

Inspired, Stories of Sporting Greatness, Sir Steve Redgrave, 2009

A great read, I would highly recommend it.  He interspersed his own story (which is inspiring in itself) with tales of many other sporting heroes and not just those from athletics but from across many sports.  He himself had to deal with far more illness etc than I ever realised to achieve those 5 gold medals and it was a wonderfully easy to read, inspiring book.

The Riddle of the Titanic, Robin Gardener and Dan Van Der Vat, 1998

I always thought I knew quite a lot about this disaster but this provided lots more information, particularly of the two enquiries afterwards and has just left me wanting to know more.

Titanic, The ship that never sank? Robin Gardiner, 1998

Even more about the conspiracy theory above

Holding On, Jo Gambi, 2007

Really inspiring read about a couple who left the rat race after Rob had cancer and climbed all seven peaks and walked to both poles.  Really enjoyed it.

From our own Correspondant, Edited by Tony Grant, 2005

Collection of dispatches from the radio programme of the same name.  Very varied in where the dispatches came from and from a spread of years as well.  Interesting snapshots.


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