It was quite a year!

3 01 2012

2011 turned out to be very career focused and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, although running did have to take a bit of a back seat!

Here’s what I did:

  • In December/January I applied for, was interviewed for and got a new job as a principal teacher in a new local authority
  • Started the job in April
  • In April/May I applied for, was interviewed for and got accepted onto the Scottish Qualification for Headship course
  • The school received ‘the box’ just a few weeks after I started and I think I got the chance to prove myself very quickly preparing for and getting through the HMIE inspection
  • I began and completed Unit 1 for the SQH
  • I applied for and organised a reciprocal visit for the Malawi HT and DHT to come over to Scotland
  • I went back to Malawi agan to visit Gwengwe Primary and begin a link with a new school
  • In December I took on the Acting Depute Head post in my school, which will hopefully last until about the summer.

I was already loving the job/school before taking on theacting depute head role and I’m relishing this experience even more.  It is very different and my role and my role has extended considerably.  Probably the biggest thing so far has been taking on the support for learning but the visiting network support teacher is great at helping me with that.  It is making the SQH much more relevant too.  I’m well into studying for unit 2 for that now, I keep taking my reading to the gym to sit and work in the restaurant there after working out!



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