One week in

25 04 2011

I’m looking forward to my second (short!) week at my new school, despite the fact my head is swimming!  I have taken on a primary 1/2 class, sharing with another teacher but I also have a third year Bed student and since she is to do quite a lot I certainly do not feel like I really got to know the class much last week.

There are only 18 in the class which compared to the 28-30 I had the first three terms is just wonderful.  Even though I have not had them much it feels like you can give much more individual help and yet there are still enough of them that they can work in different groups and learn from each other.

The school does a lot of outdoor learning and one of the things I really like is that each classroom has a door to outside making it much easier to get out there at anytime.  And there is a lovely view to the Kilpatricks just outside my door!

The most difficult thing for me to get used to was the staffroom, this school has substantially more staff than Castlefield and so that was a little hard for me to get used to but I think I’ve cracked it now!  And it having been 7 years since I changed school it has been funny getting used to all the new routines within the classroom and the school.  I’ve certainly had a great vibe so far from the school though!

About to start

17 04 2011

I’ve really enjoyed this spring break, it has felt more relaxed than previous years with everything finished for one job and a break before the new one starts.  Of course it helped having a lovely week in Crieff with family last week and then going off running on the West Highland Way for 2 days this week. 

I’ve started to get anxious this weekend though, just about walking into that new staffroom tomorrow!  I’m really looking forward to starting but kind of wish the first day was over!