It’s as if I’ve never been away!

5 09 2010

Loving having primary two this year and being back in school.  After 3 weeks I now feel as if I am getting on top of things but the first two weeks, particularly in language, I felt that it was never going to get any easier!

I have 28 pupils, who were in two different classes last year, one a composite P1/2 so we have been doing lots of socialising and I have begun using co-operative learning which I am going to find very interesting to try with primary 2.  So far we have just done think, pair, share, group brainstorming, created their groups and voice on the table.  Some of these have been more successful than others but the voice on the table has been really good.

They have been using Glow games during the technology days of our soft start, plus the dance mat, ebeam, word for practicing their spelling words and RM Starting Graph as well as BBC bitesize and cbeebies.  I am determined that they will extend their skills in using ICT and that I will develop how I use it with infants.  In relation to this tomorrow we are going to start our class blog.  This will be at:

This blog was started three years ago or so by a previous teacher in primary 2 so we are going to carry on using the same address.  I hope the parents will get as involved as they did previously (as well as other people) and I will be sending them a note home tomorrow about it.

We started the year with a mini inter-disciplinary topic on Jim and the Beanstalk which I developed from a topic my sister-in-law did in P2 last year and this included all aspects of language, measurement and data handling using RM starting graph, technology with creating their own glasses using pipe cleaners and wigs with wool, art, and planting their own magic seeds which was followed with a writing lesson on how to write instructions on planting.

I am now going to start a 5 week topic on the Commonwealth Games that I have written, although I will see where it goes with the children helping to plan it too (hopefully!).  It is ideal as having just been in India and Delhi I can tie in both the games and the country…and who knows what else!

At the moment I am writing daily evaluations as I feel being at a new stage after two years out and at such a critical time in Scottish education it is good for me to be recording the good, the bad and the ugly of what is going on in the class…hopefully there is enough good!  I am finding this very useful and am developing how I evaluate and how I take action on it.  I hope it also helps me to keep close track of what the pupils are achieving and what they need to develop further.