I can do this!

22 04 2010

Finished my lessons at Xscape for snowboarding over the holidays and it certainly taught me not only about snowboarding but more about myself as well!

We had the third lesson on the last day of term and I’m not sure whether it was just me, tiredness, my ability or the accupuncture which I had in in the afternoon while working the office (a strange and bizarre experience and a different story!) but I had a terrible time!  I managed to get through the lesson, just, but it really made me think about how the kids in my class must feel when they are not sure about something, not feeling well, not enjoying being in a group etc.

Going for the fourth lesson though (after a fabulous day at Glencoe as well) I just had a total mental block and couldn’t get it.  This was partly due to number of different instructors with different ideas about when to do things, I’m not going to get technical, and I was getting confused.  I remember sitting in the snow saying like a kid ‘I can’t do this’ and being told exactly the same things I would tell a pupil in my class about how that was not the right attitude and if I was more positive I would get it.  I did not like being behind the others in the group in this lesson and feeling like I was holding them back at times, knowing how I had felt in previous lessons when this was reversed.

However when I repeated the lesson it made the ‘eureka moment’ all the more sweet when I did get the last turn that had been defeating me!  I just needed someone (yet another instructor) to walk me through it holding onto to me (sounds pathetic now!) so that I knew I would not lost control and then I had it!  So just another tiny bit of support got me through plus this is where the positives of a different instructor came through as he had just a tiny little different way of doing things that clicked with me!  And there’s no holding me back no,  going back to Xscape next week to practice, I just wish the snow was still good enough on the mountains to get out there again.  Just the little matter of saving up for nice new kit now!