Primary Glowing

24 01 2010

Here are a few things which are going on in different primary schools in SLC with glow. (I’ll come back to secondaries.) It might give someone an idea for themselves:

• P.4 teacher using the VLE with her primary 4 class for Vikings topic. They are doing their homework on it. Any kids who do not have access at home have a chance one lunchtime a week where she goes in the ICT suite with them so they can do it then.

• P.7 teacher using the VLE with her primary 7 class for their Living in a Democracy topic. They are using it to do their topic tasks when they come to the ICT suite all together.

• P.1 using Glow for lots of different things. Many pages in the group. Pupils using the discussion pages to write about what they learned/ liked about Chinese New Year. They have done Glow Chat within the group. Some pupils have parents helping them, some have done it themselves.

• P.4-7 teacher using it for 2 main purposes with her class. She has a language page where there are tasks and discussion web parts for each reading group. They do weekly comprehension/discussion of their respective reading groups in these discussion boards instead of in their jotter. They also use the Learnewsdesk and another discussion board to do weekly news items. Either the pupils find a piece of news they are interested in and write about it in discussion board or teacher can pick the news piece and set reading for information questions on it. She also has a page for her tropical rainforest with all sorts of different information on it for pupils so they can complete research etc. This is a small school, no ICT suite and so three computers in the classroom so they can be scheduled on the computer for their language tasks during language time so each group at least gets once a week.

• P.7 teacher has a good WW2 group with lots of discussion questions for pupils. Different discussion web parts for different elements ie rationing, evacuation etc and they have questions set in these which they have to find out the answers to and put in the discussion board.

• In a different authority I am helping someone to run a pilot project within her school for 10 P.2 pupils in her class and their parents. She is running an after-school club for these 10 kids each week for 10 weeks. She then puts up a document for parents explaining what they have doing that week so that parents can help them follow it up at home. There are some lovely discussions on the literacy page about what their favourite book is and why. We have set up a multiple choice survey for this week using a news article from the Learnewsdesk on Haiti. I will be helping her to set up surveys as an evaluation at the end.

I love the Learnewsdesk and always show that first along with the discussion boards as a way to use Glow for learning and teaching. It is something which practically guarantees enthusiasm from teachers and as described above with the P.4-7 teacher I am encouraging and helping lots of teachers to set this up as a starting point, particularly in small schools.

That’s only a snapshot of a few that I have seen/helped with recently!




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