8 12 2009

Now that I have an iphone I am starting to see the benefits of Twitter much more. (Not to mention enjoying using many other apps!) I found it difficult to get into the idea of Twitter before having the iphone as only being able to use it at home was restricting. I now find I can follow conversations more easily and am picking up great links and hints. As other people have long been saying I now agree that it is turning into a great CPD tool for me. And it was great to get help from David Miller, initially through a comment on Twitter, when making up my first Prezi.

I found out about Prezi through the Glow CPD Challenge group and did my first presentation with it at a CPD twilight session on CPD and study visits for Andrea Reid. I found it a bit tricky to navigate at first but much easier once I was doing it with a mouse instead of just the laptop touchpad. Really enjoyed meeting some people I follow on Twitter at that event and finding out about CPD Reflect which I plan to have a good play around on.

I still don’t use Twitter very much for posting myself. This is from long standing fears/roots of not feeling that my points would be useful/worthwhile/correct/read. A good example of this was the Glow discussion that went on one Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I followed it with interest and had plenty of views myself but did not feel confident enough to air them. I am working on this!

It’s the same way that I feel about meeting new people/going to meetings etc without knowing anyone; it fills me with dread and yet most people say I do not come across like this at all – I’m working hard on this one and I suppose if people don’t notice then that’s pretty good!

This post was going to be more about Glow and how I have seen it being used lately but has turned into something rather more reflective, I’ll come back to Glow!