A new term already!

18 10 2009

I can’t believe it’s the end of the October holidays!  Last term, as noted by my inability to get time to update this blog, just flew by and I was so, so busy.

With the return of a few other development officers to school I was asked to take over the Clydesdale area for Glow.  This area covers from Lesmahagow, down to Carluke, Abington, Leadhills, Biggar etc and considering I live past Glasgow airport means a fair amount of trekking about.  I don’t mind it, it’s a chance to see and work with other schools and it is actually easier to find schools now than it was going round the roundabouts in East Kilbride!

It does mean though that I get a lot less time in the office as it takes me so long to travel to and from schools and I am feeling a bit of pressure with all of the other things I have to do and all courses we are running at the Advisory.  Still I love it and would not have it any other way really!

Some schools have been doing some great things in Clydesdale and almost all have been enthusiastic about moving forward with me supporting them.  With a lot of small schools in the area they are especially keen to do work across schools and we are going to get some topic work going and some transition to secondary groups within clusters.

One school who have been using Glow a lot have really embraced it with p.1.  Last year the p.1 teacher thought she would give it a go and if it didn’t work then fine!  So after xmas she had the children logging in (and doing that themselves) and using their group to see photographs and use websites.  They also used it for discussions and chat!!!  I saw the discussions from last year and while a lot of it is unreadable, you can make out what it is they are trying to say. How good for their keyboard skills.  She gave them laminated keyboards with the lower case letters on home to practice with and also had a parents page within her group with help and advice for parents and sometimes they went on with their pupils and helped them write what they wanted to say. 

I ran my first full day course by myself last term and it was great!  I was slightly stressed, it being the day after my car died on the M74 on the way to do a school in-service session and I had to get public transport of 3-4 hrs a day but it didn’t matter!  The course was on ‘Let’s Think through Literacy and with only 10 participants, who were all enthusiastic to get properly invovled it went really well and I got fab evaluations including two that commented that I had presented well so that was nice.  It helps they got free books!

Using a different hat again I was in a school in EK getting shown the project a teacher had been doing last session with his p.6 class where they wrote songs, recorded them themselves (using equipment they had to source, cost and buy) and then sold them to raise money for a school in Kenya.  That was great but what I loved just as much was the work his class this year have done on their joyning the learning topic Titanic.  The children had done a huge painting of it and behind the painting were huge wallpaper lining paper hangings where the different groups had found out facts and behind that they had made up the different classes of cabins showing what they looked like.  I am very keen to go in and work with them when they make some video clips to put on their school website.  There are some photos on their website:

http://www.st-louises-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk/ if you go to classwork and primary 6.

Looking forward to this term although I am sure it will be just as crazy!



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