School’s not out in Malawi!

30 06 2009

It shows how busy that last term was that I have not blogged since April, and it was not just with work at the Advisory.  There was the running and trying to get ready to go away as well.  I had so much I wanted to write about but never got round to it.

So now all of  a sudden the session is finished and I fly to Malawi at 6am on Thursday morning so it’s off to Edinburgh tomorrow night to relax with some of last years global teachers before Clare and I go off to the airport.

Two weeks there and then it’s off to Nairobi  to meet my husband (if he can manage to get himself there!*) and then then the next day it’s off  to Tanzania to climb Kiliminjaro, before returning to Nairobi for a few days camping safari on the Masai Mara and then three days in Nairobi.

*Not only do I organise everything when flying etc so he has never had to organise anything but he also has a broken foot!  That’s what you get for running the West Highland Way race last week in 18hrs 42mins and coming in 7th place!  He actually ran at least half the race with it broken and is now in a cast, causing me even more stress about Kili!  I have some people willing to cut the cast off for me if the hospital don’t take it off in time for him flying.  It’s going to be sore while we climb!

It’s been a real stress getting ready and that is with a few days holiday to prepare, I don’t know how I did it last year, leaving before the end of term.  My bags are full and yet I have not finished packing yet – mostly my own clothes left to go in so I won’t be changing much!

I will try to twitter a bit (very limited mobile phone coverage though) and my twitter username is CarolineGibson.  Hubby might update this blog a bit as well before he leaves for Nairobi and I will do a full write up afterwards.