Teaching Thinking

7 01 2009

I have just started a series of lessons with a primary 5 class (not in my own school) to pilot the first few lessons from the ‘Lets Think through Literacy’ pack.  I was quite nervous before I went as it was in a different school, I feel I have not taught anything (except for Glow) for ages and the teacher would be staying in with me.  In fact it turned out to be the deputy head! 

It was fine though, although there was not as much discussion as I would have liked but I think this was partly because the class did not know me and it was so different for them and that I think p.5 were really at the bottom end of it being appropriate for them.  They found it quite difficult, although I have not looked at their answers to the question yet on what they found easiest and what was most difficult.




One response

11 01 2009

Have just read your blog..finally getting around to it sorry..and realised there’s no mention/photos of Harvey (I loved the nickname ‘pawspusher’ by the way!) He’s gorgeous and thank God, he loves running..he had no choice really did he? Anyway, glad to read you’re ‘teaching’ again!! Shock to the system that must have been eh?! See you soon,

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