10 12 2008

The Thursday session of my blogging and wiki twilight went much better.  Most people came back again which I thought was admirable for a second twilight and considering the mess I thought I had made of the first one!  I explained what I thought I had done wrong the first night and gave them the chance to look through wikis and blogs before we went on to actually doing a wiki.  I also explained how I had blogged about it so using mine as a form of self-evaluation.  I also went through the various instructions in smaller bits and gave more time for trying them out. 

The evaluations and comments that I got at the end were good and this made me feel a lot better.  I am not sure they would have been good after just Monday but I changed my practice and this made a big difference for the second day.   I also enjoyed the second day a lot more as I knew I was doing it better.

I passed my first assignment for my first management and leadership in education module with nothing stated that needed attention.  I may post it at some point.  Even better though my sis-in-law passed both her crits for her first placement in the PGCE course, and passed them brilliantly with lots of effectives and not a thing to work on or any points on her action plan.  And that is with a 15 month old son!  I don’t know how she is doing it as the PGCE was hard enough with no-one depending on you!