Teaching blogging

3 12 2008

I feel like I have something to self-evaluate on for the first time in a while.  On Monday I ran a blogging and wiki twilight and was not really happy with how it went.  First of all I thought I was doing this same course to different people on Monday and Thursday so was trying to squash everything in to 2 hours and only realised about 1/2 hour before we finished that they were coming back on Thursday!  So I did not need to rush! 

This would have meant that I could have spent a lot longer on letting them look through blogs and discussing what they might use one for before actually starting to set one up.  As it was I just went through mine, a primary one and a secondary one when I should then have given them time to see what other people use them for as I realised later that some people did not really know why/how they would use one which was not their fault.

Apart from that I probably did the best I could with the range of abilities there were in the group.  Each person got one set up and was able to add in a post with a picture.  I showed them all how to manage their posts and add tags.  I then showed those who wanted it how to add in some of the easier widgets etc so it was very like having a class and giving the ones who were able to do it more activities to do and going round giving extra help to those who needed it.  I found it difficult though and although glad to be getting the chance to change my practice on Thursday and do what I should have done on Monday I am also worried I made it too difficult for some people.