Overspending for shoeboxes

12 11 2008

Last Thursday I did my biggest training input so far on Glow.  This was to all the team leaders within support services for two clusters within East Kilbride.  I felt they were all really positive and quite happy to take forward the work on passwords, being able to see how it carried on from their work on Seemis.  They were also asked to see how it would be used with the children so I took them through a couple of glow groups.  This then led to them asking if they could have a glow group and I was later (once I found out) able to tell them that one was in the process of being built for support services.

I spent my Saturday morning at a ‘speed net’ event at Holyrood Secondary for the Scotland-Malawi partnership.  It was basically like speed dating, and talking about Malawi in that way was hard enough, I would never be able to speed dating!!!  It could have been really useful but unfortunately there were an awful lot of us there who wanted to find out more and not enough people who had done a lot to be able to tell us, still I might have made another couple of useful contacts!  I was invited to visit the school by the depute head and I think that would be really interesting.  Holyrood and their associated primaries and nurseries raised £75,000 in one year and were able to send some teachers and pupils over to Malawi to help build and/or repair school buildings in three schools.  3 of the pupils involved spoke to us and it sounds like an amazing experience for them.  I then heard from my dad that they also spoke to the Council Management Team involving the Chief Executive and the Heads of Service for Glasgow City Council this week – what skills they will be gaining from this whole experience!

I have been in schools a lot the last week and working with children often too on Glow and that is great.  I am really seeing the enthusiasm grow in the schools I am in and am lucky enough to be working with some excited and willing glow mentors.

It is not only within South Lanarkshire that my face is known for Glow – I turned up at the running club tonight to have one of the guys, who works at a school in Renfrewshire, come over and tell me that ‘I was glowing tonight’!  He had been waiting for a couple of weeks to ge that pun in I think, having seen me on the LTS website.  I was certainly glowing by the end of the session, just getting myself back into it after a bit of a break after the Chicago marathon, meant I hauled myself round the route in what I felt was a very slow pace!  And only for the kids shoebox appeal would I then go to Asda still in my running leggings to spend about 5 times more than I intended to on buying enough goodies to fill 8 shoeboxes.  I actually had a couple of people ask me if I buying stuff for shoeboxes as it was that obvious!  I love doing the shoeboxes or backpacks as it is so nice to imagine them getting them but I always get totally carried away!  It also always totally sickens me though that the world is such an unfair place that we have to be doing this and people are not able to live in the same way we are.  I always make sure I get hats and gloves etc as I can’t bear to think of children being cold.

And lastly I had a lovely pile of thank you nletters arrive from a primary school I did a Malawi presentation on a few weeks ago.  They included things like I was inspirational, very informative, I spoke very clearly (always good to know!) extremely interesting, someone was going to give their sweetie money away and lots more similar things.  One of my favourites (along with the inspirational one) was one that typed and was obviously supposed to say ‘I really appreciated it’ but came out ‘I really parachuted it’!



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