Last days of work

17 09 2008

Friday and the last day of insets.  Sharon, Shiraz, Maureen and I were really early, having been driven by Emmanuel and got a chance to go for a walk around the village where the District Education Centre was.  It had a lot more infrastructure than my village including a few stalls/market, a well built church, a maternity hospital and some well built houses.

Maureen during the break

Maureen during the break

We very quickly got started on the active stuff when we got going and took them outside to play tig and do stretching all together.  We had, throughout the week asked whoever was at that TDC to encourage them to come on the Friday in casual clothes and most did including most of the women and Mrs Mchuchu who was the PEA for the zone and not only came dressed in PE gear underneath her chitenji but really got into the whole thing and proved herself to be very competitive.

We then split them into 2 groups with Shiraz and I taking one group.  The game they liked the best was definitely octopus tig and we ended up doing it three times!  We got a few games done with each group, different ones for each group so they could then share them and have the choice of more games.

Shiraz did some yoga with them and then I did the one minute cool down with them.  The teachers who got up the first got up after only about 20 secs!  Emmanuel, who was joining in with a lot of it, won both times.

Shiraz using the hand washing facility

Shiraz using the hand washing facility

The head of the whole district came with Ed to see what was going on and spoke to the teachers for ages, we then finished off with a recap of the whole week.  We took each day and went over what they had done and asked them to discuss with a partner 3 things they had learned and what strategy they were now going to try. 

Emmanuel and one of the teachers

Gerald, one of the teachers and Emmanuel

It was then Sharon’s turn to have to say bye to teachers she would not see again but at least there were no teachers there this time!  We got Emmanuel to let us buy chips again – we bought him some each time too.  We also then got him to drop us off at the cash and carry in Dedza so we could check and see if they sold paint etc for us to buy next year for the schools since we were already discussing coming back at this point.  They did and then we bought more chocolate!

We went back to Dedza pottery for dinner and then Sharon and I had a bit of a crisis!  We did not get back till after 10pm and of course this was really late for us so we were shattered!  Sharon was brushing her teeth and the toilet had just been flushed when all of the sudden there was a fountain coming out of the back of the toilet!  We screeched a bit, rushed about, threw down towels, I had to move all my bags as they were just outside of the bathroom and were about to get soaked and Sharon then ran to get someone (in her pj’s, as I was)!  The attendant managed to get it to stop and filled a couple of buckets mopping up the floor.  He then flushed it again which we held our breath over and made a decision not to flush it ourselves through the night as we did not trust it at all!

Some comments from the evaluations of the Leadership and Management inset:

  • Each moment was useful
  • The whole day has been most useful because it has reminded me more about my profession
  • Nothing was not useful because everything learnt today was very helpful and effective
  • I will try my best to be a role model teacher and accomplish what I have learnt today
  • I would like to continue learners to continue in education

Comments from the Literacy and Numeracy Day:

  • The inset was very interesting and enjoyable
  • The skills we have learnt will indeed assist the learners in the schools
  • Well done for your good job, we are learning a lot from you
  • The inset is very helpful and come again next year
  • Inset was funny and educative.  Try to come to Malawi time and again
  • Our inset today was nice, most joyful
  • Keep it up to promote our desire of long life learning in both teachers and learners
  • It was so nice and lots of fun
  • It was a very nice one and I think this will help us to start a new step
  • Your hard work has helped us to know our work
  • It has been fruitful.  Come again
  • I am really happy with your work.  I just beg you to come again and assist us.
  • I have learned a lot today.

And these quotes were only from the two insets I did at Tschetsa, there were so many more like this from the other zones too!



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18 09 2008

Its a very nice and informative blog.Keep it up

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