A few photos

2 08 2008

I got home on Thursday and everything still feels a bit strange.  Already the whole experience seems to be like a dream which I do not like very much!  Sharon and I are definately going to go back next year and have been making lots of plans already. 

I will write up the things I did at some point but am just going to put on a few photos just now.

At the top of the hill I had to walk up to use my phone

Nowa, the four year old in my family

the tearoom in the village

The St 6 and 7 boys making my mat

There will be more photos to come. 

Thanks for all of the lovely comments I received.



2 responses

3 08 2008

Good to hear that you have arrived back safely. Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing your adventure and experiences. All the best for settling back in and trying to make sense of it all.

4 08 2008

I’m glad to read that you’re home safely Mrs! Wow! An even more memorable experience than last year eh?!? Sorry I haven’t been in touch via texts but thought you had enough to be getting on with!
Get in touch when you’re sorted and we’ll catch up then!
P.s. Just think…You don’t have my night time tremors of returning to work to face a class in 2 weeks!

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