I want to go back to my village!

25 07 2008

The work is almost over! We finished doing insets today and we just have one more day of work to go – our head teachers are all coming to Dedza tomorrow to have a final days evaluation of the work we did and how they can take it forward.  I have more confidence now that the insets are over that things will be carried on and in a wider way as all of the schools in all three zones we were in were at the insets so we reached wider numbers of people and schools.  The one I had the most invovlement in planning was leadership and managed and I also delivered on literacy and numeracy and planned for and delivered on pe and recap of the week today.  The leadership and management had hard hitting issues that we wanted to address and in some ways was quite difficult to do but the others it felt like we gave them lots of strategies right away to try out and the same for the other one of group methodologies and continous assessment.

I am in no way ready to evaluate on this blog or in any other way the impact on either myself or my school or village of my trip here.  My diary will have to help me with that when I get home.  I do know however that if given any chance I would love to be going back to my village now to work further in the school and stay with everyone there.  Another girl and I are already semi-seriously making plans to return independantly next summer and work in our schools again while seeing a bit more of Africa too.  I think that alone shows a bit of the personal impact!  In fact today we went to the cash and carry in Dedza to see if we could buy paint etc there next year instead of having to go to Lilongwe.  You can!

Home on Thursday and looking forward to seeing my photos on the computer (and film footage) and no doubt that will make me cry again!




2 responses

28 07 2008

Nice to hear that you’re looking forward to seeing your husband too!

26 08 2008

i support u thoughts……………….keep it up……………………

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