More Malawi Tales

3 07 2008

Caroline tells me that she is enjoying the whole experience even more than she expected. Here’s some of the latest goings on…

Caroline has finally made use of the facilities… enough said! I passed on Laura’s advice to sing whist she was busy!

 She was calling again from the top of the hill, and again she had been followed. This time by two teachers! Her safety appears to be of great concern to them, but she comes from Glasgow. What’s to fear? You don’t get Neds in Malawi do you? One of her colleagues is in a very remote village which occasionally gets elephants… now that would be worth worrying about!

The first school running club session was held yesterday. It officially has the best school club turn out of all time. She was not expecting over 200 participants! There was supposed to be football and netball clubs at the same time. The official turn out for both clubs totalled zero! So, the club began with a game of Tig. Except that the children didn’t know how to play – I thought that game was universal – so after much translation, the game commenced. There was some pure running completed too. A couple of laps at the end of the session of the football and netball pitches (totalling 400 meters per lap).

Caroline also played a game of netball with the girls in the school. Suddenly it became Malawi’s number one spectator sport, them all supporting her team. The crowds cheered and applauded every time she got the ball!

Caroline has fallen in love with someone else. Thankfully he is only 4. The young boy in her family is apparently very cheeky in a cute way! When his mother told him to stop banging his makeshift drum as it was too loud, he replied with,  “It’s not too loud, I don’t have ears”. I think that translates more accurately to, “but I can’t hear it!”

The same boy was also seen fending off locals with a stick shouting, “no she’s our visitor!”

She has had the bubbles out for the first time with the wee guy and his friend. They loved it and she says she got some great photographs.

The family are trying to fatten her up. She says she is eating loads. Ideally though, it’s all carbs, especially as she is still managing to maintain her running. She has used the afforementioned laps of the pitches to attempt to do a speed session, claiming that the altitude made the fast sections very hard! Again though they insisted that she be accompanied on her run, and an elder son of a village member was made to join her.   

They all think she’s weird. Not because of her running, or because of her Scottish customs. No. They think she’s weird because she’s been married for 4 years but doesn’t have children!

Finally, you can now view a short(ish) video of Caroline in her other role – support to her mad husband on his West Highland Way Run. Click here

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2 responses

3 07 2008
John Kynaston

Hi Caroline

I expected to see some footage of Malawi – shows how closely I read – but instead it was the WHW again !!!!!!!!!!!

Great to hear that everything is going well. Sounds amazing. A bit more exciting than a rainy summer in Paisley.


3 07 2008

Sadly Caroline has tried to text photo’s to me but for some reason they are not sending. You can blame Malawi O2 or Malawi Orange (whatever) or just Caroline’s technical skills! I’m sure there’ll be loads of photo’s/video on her return though!

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