25 06 2008

I thought the filming went quite well today – although I have not seen it so I may quickly change my mind.  I got filmed being interviewed first, during which time the server went down in the school (typical!) but thankfully Margaret and Jim were there so they were able to sort it out.

I had decided to have the filming with me teaching done with primary 6 as they will still be at the school next year, they are more enthusiastic and better behaved and I got more parental permissions in!  When I had finished my explanation and the children got down to using glow I actually had to tell them that they were allowed to talk as they were trying so hard to be extra good that they were totally silent!

The lesson (I had got a bit of a fright when asked to do this, being the 3rd last day of term) I decided to do involved having a lesson plan on the noticeboard page of my Malawi glow group that the pupils had to follow involving documents and surveys.  I had them skim reading the first few pages of an information book I had saved on the documents page and then aswering questions on it on a survey.  They were then to go onto the discussions page and chat to talk about games that did not need any resources that I could do in Malawi.

Some of the pupils also got interviewed and I think they did quite well although I was not able to see as I had to stay in the class.

Afterwards I went to the advisory service to meet the other people coming out on secondment and to hear a bit more about what I will be doing next year.  I will be doing 2/3 days (I am hoping 3) a week on glow and the others on a curricular aspect of curriculum for excellence although there will be a lot of doing other bits and pieces.  As far as I could gather the glow and CforE aspects will also tie in together as a focus of the glow work is to be how to use it in learning and teaching. 

The only thing worrying me is the amount of food sitting in the office I will be in – apparently it is always like that.  I will need to work on my willpower!




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