The packing continues

24 06 2008

I am still packing!  Not only am I still packing up my classroom, in among many other tasks, but I have been packing to go to Malawi as well.  As it was the West Highland Way race last weekend I packed the weekend before just to get an idea of weight.  At this point we thought we were only allowed 20kg and I got to this weight having packed all of my gifts, resources, toiletries, first aid items etc.  The only thing is that ‘etc’ did not include clothes!  I had to put that to the back of my mind the rest of the week but it quietly simmering into panic.  I would have to be wearing a lot of clothes on the plane if I did not take some stuff out!

However just as I was trying to persuade myself to sorting everything out we found out that Catherine from LINK had somehow, I really don’t know how she did it, managed to get the airline to up our weight limit to 45kg each.  Of course as delighted as I was at this I did also have a niggle in the back of my mind about whether the planes would actually be alright with that much extra weight!  (I don’t like flying that much!)

I do not want to fill up to that weight but at least it means I can take all of my clothes!

My only other worry about going away is that my wind up phone and ipod charger never arrived.  I then ordered another one yesterday, asking for next day delivery knowing that someone would be in the house today.  It has not arrived either and this is the item I most need so hope it comes tomorrow.

The whole thing feels a little unreal and I am not sure when it is going to hit me what I am doing.  Ironically I am so busy getting ready to go that I do not have the time to think about what it will actually be like out there.   I still have silly things to do like clear the camera and video camera, make up a photo album and update my ipod.  And get some money out!

Primary 7 have been busy clearing out the classroom and getting ready for their assembly.  I have been busy getting next years p.4-7 set up with their glow passwords, changing them and logging on and having a look around what has already been set up.  This has taken some time, most of which is to do with the initial passwords that the pupils have to change – I should not have done this with p.3 (!?) but the thought of doing them all myself seemed less preferable.

I have really got going with p.6 using glow, their teacher and I are used to working together and we have been swapping over classes so I can work with them.  Tomorrow LTS are coming to video us for a DVD for SLF and interview myself and the children.  So after telling them all to be in school uniform I need to go and decide what to wear myself and do my nails etc!  I have set up a lesson on my Malawi glow group so they have to follow instructions to read a document and then answer questions on it through a survey.  If they are still filming after that we can use the discussions and/or chat pages on that glow group.

I had a lovely time in p.4 on Friday setting them up with glow.  One boy, who can be difficult but whom I have a real soft spot for, was really interested and did everything asked of him.  When I passed by him he just came out with ‘I love glow’.  Now he had only been on about 5-10 mins at this point and had not done very much on it but it was just one of those lovely moments and so I then spent 10-15 mins showing him how to put on web links and contacts onto his my glow page and then how to change the size of pictures and load them on his my glow page.  Something I have put on the web links page for the classes is the link to the LTS copyright free images so that they know where to find images they are allowed to use.  By spending time with this boy and showing him how to do things the rest could not do yet I hope he stays interested and maybe it will be something that will help keep him interested in other things at school too.  Far fetched maybe but nice to think of!



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