More on children teaching

22 05 2008

I had three girls teaching the class first thing on Monday morning and it was quite different to when the boys did it although there were common factors too.  They were going to be doing fractions, percentages and angles – a bit of an odd combination but never mind.  They explained well what it was the lesson was going to be about so some good WALT and WILF at the start.

They then started off by doing numerators and denominators which I am ashamed to say none of the class knew!  They had various questions and bits of teaching they did on the board to do with fractions which they did well although it was a bit easy.  They were good at trying to encourage everyone; for example they kept asking if there were any circles who could answer (my lowest group) and then later people up at the back when they had not been joining in enough.

They then did percentages which again was a bit easy and it took a while for them to draw their things on the board.  They had good games on the internet that they got the other pupils to do for both fractions and angles.

The unfortunate thing during all of this though was that the listening from the others was really poor.  I did interupt a couple of times to stop it but they were unsettled all day, not just for the girls.  The thing was that the girls were quite quiet and just talked through the noise without feeling able to get the others to be quiet and listen first.  The difference with the boys doing it was that they just shouted over the rest of the class to be heard!!!

They had prepared really good worksheets which had explanations as well as questions on them and were differentiated for each group.

They were trying really hard too and saying some really good stuff and were very enthusiastic so I felt quite sorry for them.  The problem was that my pupils were going for their secondary visits on Wednesday and Thursday and were just as high as kites all Monday and Tuesday.  I found those two days really hard work!

I have just realised that I forgot to do the self-evaluation with them and the class and am disapointed about that as it was really useful last time.

With my class away on Wednesday and Thursday I got the chance to cross off quite a few things on my to do list, although of course in my experience being a teacher means it is never empty, you just keep adding more things on the bottom.

I covered in primary 4 for a while on Wednesday morning though and that was lovely as they are a really nice class and it was a good change having the younger ones.  They actually listened the first time you said something!




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