Bit of active learning

2 05 2008

Going back to Monday morning……..

The class and I had a big talk about work and behaviour as I had been feeling pretty fed up last Thursday and Friday and there was no way I could continue with the kind of behaviour I had been getting until the end of term.  (It may have been something to do with me being away Tuesday and Wednesday).

I got them to come up with ideas of what would make them work better and the rewards and sanctions they thought would work.  The rewards and sanctions were just the ususal and quite reasonable.  The things they thought would help them work better were lots of things that I have done a lot previously but had given up on with this class like having music on, more active learning, working with friends and other people more often and teaching each other.

So I decided to give them a chance and organised my language session more the way I used to for Wednesday morning.  They had handwriting, active learning with spelling using whiteboards, wikisticks and/or playdough, and a reading task.  For the top group, this was independant reading, the lower group read with me and the middle group were to be using Glow to discuss the story they had read the day before.  The top and bottom group worked really well, I was especially impressed by how well the top group organised themselves and worked together during the spelling.

The middle group did not get on so well and this has so often been the case this year.  They were too excited and barely on task while doing the spelling, it is quite a large group which does not help.  They had to use Glow in 2’s or 3’s because of the numbers of computers available which ws not ideal.  Glow is working fine but the laptops took forever to load up and some children did not even get onto the task.  They had also chosen the people who they wanted to work with so the groups that did get on were not really on task and did not get a lot done.  Cannot wait to try it next week with a better group on Glow.  Unsurprsingly it was the middle group who caused me grief in maths that day too – there are a lot of the same pupils in each group!

I am not giving up with this class for the rest of the session, but need to think carefully about that middle group. 

Clicked on a link today from my stats page to see where views were coming from and found this comment which was nice, about my last entry:

 “I read an interesting article today about how GLOW was being used in an Educational Setting. Caroline Gibson’s article will hopefully inspire us and give us ideas about how we can use GLOW in our classrooms.”

There are useful ideas in the first part of the entry, find it at:

Also this link has lots of links to other glow blogs and articles: including several links to this blog!



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