26 04 2008

It felt really weird being back in class Thursday and Friday after being away in Stirling – it should have been the weekend!  Although I could have done without being in Bristol for a wedding this weekend when I have the glow presentation and the rich task board to have prepared for Tuesday.  Loving Jury’s hotel though – free internet access in the room with a cable and so just when I was wishing I had brought a cable (although I would never have thought of it) I found one in a drawer!

I felt really inspired going into class after the conference and ended up showing some of the kids how to add web parts to their own pages so they could put more images in etc and had a couple of kids set up their own blogs which next week I will show them how to add the page viewer in so it can be seen through Glow.  I would just love to have the laptops more often so that it would be easier to build the use  of Glow into the curriculum as now that we have finished the rich task and our electricity topic I feel I am contriving it slightly until I put in a new project.




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