25 03 2008

I have been so busy reading other people’s blogs that I have forgotten to write up my own in a while.  It has also been really busy for everyone with writing reports etc. 

I had some extra runnning going on at school  a couple of Friday’s ago with Sports Relief which I organised. Nursery and p.1, then p.3, p.4 and p.5 ran a mile in the morning and the the nursery and p.2 in the afternoon, followed by p.6 and p.7.  I have to say that the younger ones put the older ones to shame and the children got slower and more out of breath the further up the school you went (with exceptions of course).  I wonder how much of this is relative to an increased amount of time watching t.v and playing computer games as they get older.  It would be great to be going out and doing that every week.

The class were very unsettled last week, it is a bit disruptive having a short break and then back for a short time before the spring break.  I am not complaining too much though as my birthday was that weekend so more time for me to enjoy myself – or more time to do my last 20 mile run before London!

For my birthday I am getting a wireless laptop – how sad as now I can be working wherever I am!  I have not been spending much time on my blogs, reading other blogs, the school website, flikr, animoto, GLOW etc etc as taking my school laptop home does not help me do any of these things as there is no internet and I get fed up sitting in the spare room at home on the computer.  Plus after it being my suggestion that my husband starts a running blog he is now completely obsessed and I can hardly get near the computer anyway!



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