World Book Day

11 03 2008

If I thought I was spinning on Thursday that was nothing compared to Friday.  I was running about madly all day and when I stopped and went for coffee with the teachers after school I could only sit and stare!

I had been really stumped for a costume for this year but it was lucky for me my mum and dad had just been on a cruise down the Amazon.  This involved staying the night in a jungle lodge and loads of other trips. It also meant my mum brought back a huge head-dress which when combined with a suitable dress and beads meant I was easily transformed into Pocahontas.  For the first time in my life I had to bend down to get through doors.

The next day Mr Pacepusher managed to persuade his running partner ‘Headless Chicken’ that he was going out with said head-dress on for their 20 mile run to practice for his fancy dress costume for the London Marathon.  Mr pacepusher will certainly not be in fancy dress – heaven forbid that anything slows him down on race day!

The day went really well, we sold virtually everything we had made and the other children in the school liked hearing the stories my class had made up.  Some children read them out at assembly on Friday and I was really proud of them as they were not all brilliant readers.  Plus the stories did all follow the theme of being about how animals looked how they did or about morals.  I am not sure I thought they sounded so good while we were going through agonies writing them!

We made £233 for Mary’s Meals from everything we did – I am sure the home baking and tuck counted for a lot of that!  I am sure some of the other schools will have raised more but since we had done a lot with the WW2 exhibtion earlier in the session that was quite enough for us.

We were back to normal yesterday and it was not a good day at all so I moved their seats into two’s just for a short while and today was much better; although I am sure the novelty will wear off.




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