6 03 2008

We are coming to the end of our rich task and I am quite glad as I think they have had enough and its hard at the moment getting all of the last bitty bits ready for our World Book Day tomorrow.  I have enjoyed organising it though and going for all of the shopping etc.  My husband was wishing he had stayed at home on Monday night as off we went to Asda and I spent double the time I usually would there, not being able to decide which juice and biscuits to get.  I then felt very greedy going to Morrisons and buying 208 packets of crisps (in multipacks, I’m not that daft!).  The person in front of me in the queue took one look and asked if I was hungry, I could only reply with:

“The things you end up buying when you are a teacher.”

I hope we get lots of parents coming to visit tomorrow.  I want them to see not only what we have been doing for this rich task but also to rope them in for Sport Relief next Friday.  I organised that this morning too, so that is why I was spinning!  We will do walk, jog or run a mile around the school grounds next Friday and I would like parents to come and join in with their child if possible.