4 03 2008

I know I have trouble with self-confidence sometimes but honestly I really did think I had blown it with the global teacher selection day last week.  I have got better at being positive but I wouldn’t have chosen me on last weeks performance!

However I evidently put on a better impression than I thought as I had a voicemail from my hubby at lunchtime telling me I had a place.  I do not remember  telling him he could open the mail – after all how did he know it was that!!!!  But he did and I got very excited when I got the news.  Very scared as well though – as now reality kicks in and I have to come to terms with the conditions that I will be living in and the things that I will see that I know will upset me.

Back to the class though.  They have been challenging for the last week and some leeway has to be given to the horrible weather keeping them in which does not help matters.   We have been doing a lot to get ready for world book day and this is when it gets a bit chaotic as they all end up working on different things.  I think they have just about had enough now as it has got so bitty and they are ready to move groups too.  I am ready for this too.  Don’t get me wrong – we have all had a fab time doing this rich task but I think they need a bit of structure back again although I want to think of ways to keep them working independently and using their decision making skills too.