How do you do this PT thing?

22 02 2008

I am stressed!  I don’t think I get very stressed very often but when I do I get rather overwhelmed.  The last time I felt like this was before our World War II exhibition in November when there was so much to organise and so many other things going on as well.  This time it is for something similar funnily enough.  Our World Book Day is two weeks today and primary 7 are doing a lot for it through our rich task and I am getting very worried.  Added to that this Wednesday I am going to Edinburgh for a full day selection interview thing for Global Teachers and I have to give a presentation which I just cannot get to come out right!  Then reports are due in 3 weeks and transition reports for secondary school.  I might even have managed all that if it was not for the other hundred things too!

I get from 11am to 3pm on a Friday to do PT stuff and that’s great but by the time today I did Star of the Week, diary meeting, dinner duty and pupil council that did not leave a lot of time and I spent most of that dealing with computers.  Being ICT co-ordinator has a lot to answer for!    I was doing all of this stuff before being acting PT and how I did it without having the time out I don’t know because I can’t do it now and that is with having the time out!  I am sure I will relax a bit once this presentation is over and World Book Day.  I feel like to get it all done I would have to give up all my running and classes etc and I do think I work long enough hours without giving that up too but it’s hard.

 Rant and worrying over – check out my running blog from the link on my blog roll – London marathon in 7 weeks and Edinburgh marathon in 13 weeks.  There is a slight niggle in the back of my head about the West Highland Race (95 miles in a maximum of 35 hours) next year but I know it is mad if I am struggling to fit in running now (not that it’s not totally mad anyway – but that’s my husband for you!).