Good morning, bad afternoon

4 02 2008

The kids worked reasonably well this morning – they tried hard to get their non-fiction books finished before Mrs Reid came in to see what they were doing on Glow.  I thought I had it looking pretty good and directed them to what I wanted them to do first but of course typically when the head was coming there was a setting I had not changed so the children were unable to complete the surveys I had put on for them.  I managed to get this changed while they used the discussion pages I set up with questions on how well they had been working as a group.  I do not think though that they fully realised I would be able to see all of the comments and who wrote them as they got a bit of a shock!  They enjoyed doing the surveys and we will look together tomorrow to see the graphs etc it makes.

This afternoon we went onto the fiction side of the rich task and I had spent a long time preparing things for this.  However it was a very poor afternoon and we ended up swapping to a lot of written language work as they could not cope with listening and discussion work.  This was really unfortunate as I really wanted to get a good start on this today.  At only 3.30pm I am not sure what I could have done differently to change their behaviour, I am sure when I am more calm later I will think of something.  Tomorrow they have a lot of other things on and we will not be able to do the rich task which is unfortunate.



One response

4 02 2008

You were doing great this morning. Reflection means not always being too hard on yourself too! Think of the positives too when it’s been a hard day – how many other people across the country today tried what you did on Glow? Who else has been doing so many innovative bits of teaching – Glow, Rich taks, WW2 enterprise, Malawi/Scotland day, various helath bits with children, blogging etc etc etc.
You are an outstanding teacher – next step – don’t be too hard on yourself! You have a challenging class with many individuals who have particular needs. I can’t think of many who could do as well as you do.

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