Tricky day

3 02 2008

The class were trying to finish their booklets today and most of them got most of the way there.  There were some groups that found it really hard to work together though by this point and for them all to be on task as there were only certain bits to finish and only 3 pieces of card were in use for each book so only 3 people could be working on these at any one time.  This left the other person or two people with little to do.  I did suggest ways around this but they seemed unable or unwilling to take me up on these.

Next time I think I would have 4 pieces of card for each group so they had a defined part each but stress they could have more pictures etc.  I found this session difficult because of this and did not seem to be able to find a way round it.  I am really impressed with how some people have pulled together.  There was one group which I maybe did not put together well – it has one high achieving boy, two capable but rowdy boys and one girl who really struggles with her reading and writing.  They have really worked well together to produce an excellent book and I was really pleased to see throughout the sessions the level of input that the girl has been able to put in and how the boys have encouraged her.  I really think that every one of my learning support pupils has been working to their full potential and really benefited so far from this rich task.  Of course one group are almost ready to fight now as they have had enough of each other but you can’t have everything! 

I am really impressed by how the books look and can’t wait for them to be fully finished and for them to have a good look at each others.  We will move on this week to looking at fiction stories; we are going to look at the moral of the stories, the comparisions to our fables and fairy tales and new words and phrases.

I am also going to be doing more on Glow; I can get on at home now and have been busy setting up more for their rich task on this and they are also going to start their science active learning open area sessions this week which will include GLow.




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