Taking notes

18 01 2008

On Wednesday I gave the pupils some general information on Africa taken from the internet.  I asked them to highlight the points they thought they were relevant and then I put them into a mind map to show how this helps to take short notes so it is not copied from the original passage. 

Once I had demonstrated this the pupils then did another section by themselves and they did work very well in their groups today.  They self-assessed themselves again and I made sure they were positive about their work together today.

We tried to fill in the class blog altogether but this did not really work as they were getting restless by then and were not really listening or contributing.

Yesterday they started thinking about what subject they would really like to study for their booklet.  I had suggested they either pick one country or an aspect of Africa as a whole such as health, culture or education.

The groups have decided to do these things:





The Culture of South Africa, the Congo and Egypt,

Culture relating to food, fashion, sports and entertainment in Africa.

I though this was an interesting range of topics that would be covered although from looking myself I think the last one will be the hardest to find information on.

The children began to look for information on the internet yesterday and surprised themselves by what they found – for example the size and style of some of the more expensive houses in Africa!




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